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Strengthen Teams, Develop Leaders 


95% of candidates believe culture is more important than compensation (John Hopkins University, "Culture Drives Employment Brand"). Our team of trained professionals tailor programs to facilitate leadership development, strengthen teamwork, and enhance company culture. 

Corporate Culture

Strengthening Teams, Maximizing Performance and Productivity, Enhancing Team Effectiveness, Developing Team Strengths

Maximize your team's strengths and enhance employee engagement through awareness and action. Offered in a 3-hour tailored group workshop.

Leadership Development

Developing Professional Potential of Leaders, Maximizing Strengths, Comprehensive Leadership Strategy

Develop leaders through one-on-one professional coaching utilizing Gallup's StrengthFinder 2.0. An executive analysis is offered to summarize progress and encourage continual professional development. Also offered in a comprehensive group program format.


Change Management

Changing work environment, change management, work place transitions, enhancing corporate culture to increase productivity and engagement

Minimize the negative effects of a changing work environment with contracted advisors offering transition and stress management strategies. Additional tailored programs available to enhance effective communication.

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