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Finding your fit in the working world can feel like navigating through murky waters - difficult, confusing, and unsettling. You may need a guide to help you find your way. This process is known as career counseling.


During career counseling, a trained professional will assist you in the following:​​​


  •   Deciphering your main concerns

  •   Determining your top strengths to utilize in your career

  •   Connecting to career options that best match you​


Career change and decision-making are not instantaneous - the process is developmental. Clients typically meet with a career counselor 3-4 times over a couple of months. The process includes exploration and experimentation, with a guide to support and encourage you along the way.





Two Oaks follows a 4-step process of career development:

Business currently on leave - Stephanie has joined another team at sr4 Partners

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