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Oak trees represent strength and resiliency.

In celtic literature, the oak was honored for its impressive growth and ability to endure. This is symbolic for the goals of Two Oaks. We partner with you to strengthening resiliency and enabling growth.

Stephanie Sattler, MA, MCC



Stephanie Sattler is a dedicated talent development professional with 8 years experience developing professionals and supporting clients through times of transition. Trained in career theory and strengths-based empowerment, she is committed to fostering both personal & professional growth.​​ Stephanie enables clients to process loss and overcome barriers.



  • Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling

  • Master Career Counselor

  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© Interpreter

  • Certified Strong Interest Inventory© Intepreter

  • Trained Gallup Strengths© Advisor & Workshop Developer

  • Certificate in Social Spirituality


Areas of Research:

  • Growth Mindset

  • Life/Career Transitions

  • Change Management

There are two trees for a reason.

One is for the resiliency the individual brings to the process, and the other is for the support offered by the counselor/community. These "companion" symbols display the value of relationship in managing loss and empowering growth. 

Clayton Sattler, Naturalist



Clayton Sattler has 14 years’ experience in outdoor education & program development. He has a passion for teaching wilderness skills and instilling respect and care for nature. Clayton sees unique connections between the business sector and the natural world, and engages his participants with a unique perspective on innovative evolution and corporate adaptability. 



  • Trained Wilderness Instructor

  • Ongoing Wilderness Survival Curriculum

  • Advanced Tracking Training

  • Bio-diversity Educator


Areas of Research:

  • Corporate Evolution & Adaptation 

  • Life/Career Transitions

  • Botany










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Business currently on leave - Stephanie has joined another team at sr4 Partners

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